2019 National Championship (West) at Scotch Creek, BC on May 19
Sam King is the 2019 National Champion (West)

Autralian Sam King was the winner at the National Championship (West), which took place at Scotch Creek, BC, on Sunday, May 19, 2019.

Not too many points were taken by the top experts at the National Championship event, with the 42 competitors all having a great time, with lots of stories and smiles at the finish.

Here are the results for the top three in each class of the National Championship event:

1 Starla Smeeth     GG     Surrrey      BC     0
2 Andrew Vipond     GG     Vernon       BC     1 
3 Oscar Usher       Beta   Nelson       BC     8

1 Lee Usher        Beta    Nelson       BC    18
2 Richard Oullete  Scorpa  Calgary      AB    20
3 Max Lang         TRS     Vernon       BC    33

1  Bob Clark       TRS     Coquitlam    BC     6
2  Marcus Buhrig   Beta    Blind Bay    BC    11
3 Craig  Parfitt   Beta    Edmonton     AB    17

1 Brian McNeal     Mont    Vancouver    BC     9
2 Wyatt Pospisal   Beta    Edmonton     AB    17
3 Jake Wideman     Beta    Scotch Creek BC    29

Senior Advanced
1 Ross Rathbone    Beta    Magna Bay    BC     9
2 Guy Smeeth       GG      Surrey       BC    12
3 Carl Muller      Beta    Surrey       BC    21

1 Sam King         GG      Golden       BC     4
2 Sean Bird        Scorpa  Vancouver    BC     6
3 Steve Day        Vertigo Mission      BC    24