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To apply for a World Trials Canada sanction to host a WTC trials event, please complete the form below, and then click the "Submit" button.

Please note that this sanction application will be null and void if the insurance application has not been submitted (and approved) ten days prior to the event. It will also be null and void if the waiver forms are not completed by all competitors, or if the event is not conducted according to the WTC rules of trials (see our rulebook here). You must also agree to submit the results of this event to within five days of the completion of the event. The results must include: Competitor's name, city or town, bike, class, score and position.

For a WTC trials permit, please note the following:

  • The Host club does not need to be formally affiliated with WTC. That being said, we would like some history on the host organizer to ensure that we are endorsing an experienced group. We would look to a local known specialist in the area for confirmation of this.
  • There is no "sanction fee"
  • There is no "rider levy"
  • There is no charge to the organizer for the cost of the insurance.
Your E-Mail address:
Name of organizing club, or promoter:
Name of event, if applicable:
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Date of event:
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