Stan Bakgaard wins Round 1 of the WTC National Championship (West)
Sunday, July 1st at Revelstoke, BC

Expert winner Stan Bakgaard at Revelstoke
Expert winner Stan Bakgaard at Revelstoke

The first round of the WTC National Series (West) at Revelstoke, BC could be termed a "Monster Monsoon Trial". The rain never let up on Saturday, causing Clerk of the Course Florian Schott to make the decision to drastically cut back on the planned loop, revamping things late into the evening. The crew worked long hours into the wet evening, greatly disappointed with the weather.

Weather problems are nothing new - Outlaw Dave recollected that the first CMA National he helped organize in Alberta in 1971 experienced two feet of snow on the morning of the Trial.   And the first Canadian FIM World Championship near Calgary, in 1975, brought heavy rain on the Saturday, and made for drastic changes to the 69-mile loop.

Mother Nature appears to have really contributed to a small entry in Revelstoke. The organizers thank everybody who did show up, ensuring that all competitors have points towards the National Series (West), which ends at Malakwa, BC in September. In retrospect, perhaps Canada Day was not the best choice for such an event, but there are a limited number of dates available once the fire season is blocked off.

Riders did arrive from as far away as Yellowknife, from Alberta and various other parts of BC.

Florian Schott and his team at the Revvy Riders Club are still very keen to build a full trials loop on their Forestry-approved area, complete with marked-out sections using colored markers, and with maps available for future visitors. This should prove quite an attraction for the large number of European vacationers who visit the area.

Here are the results:

1 Martin Lucas     Beta     Celista, BC      13
2 Britta Fournier  TRS      Enderby, BC      24
3 James Rogers     Beta     Revelstoke, BC   25
4 Dennis Brummell  Montesa  Yellowknife, NWT 28
5 Mitch Watts      Beta 4T  Wainwright, AB   30

1 Mark O'Neill     Montesa  Medicine Hat. AB 16
2 Ty Morrison      Beta     Scotch Creek, BC 26
3 Leigh Stocks     TRS      Revelstoke, BC   27
4 Bodi Watts       Beta     Wainwright, AB   30
5 Max Lang         TRS      Enderby, BC      32
6 Chris Briggs     Beta     Sorrento, BC     36
7 Brad Linderman   Montesa  Cochrane, AB     37

1 Richard Ouellet  Scorpa   Calgary, AB      24

1 Shane Bridden    TRS      West Kelowna, BC 37
2 Terry Dufloth    Vertigo  Revelstoke, BC   50

Senior Advanced
1 Andrew James     TRS      Enderby, BC      15
2 Ross Rathbone    Beta     Scotch Creek, BC 33

1 Stan Bakgaard    Scorpa   Yale, BC         36
2 Kolten Morrison  Beta     Scotch Creek, BC 75
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