WTC National Championship (West)
Revelstoke, BC. June 28 and 29, 2014

Tino Marin
Tino Marin, the new Canadian Champion (West)

The first ever WTC Western Canadian National Championship was held in Revelstoke, BC on the weekend of June 28 and 29 in almost perfect weather conditions.

Although the rain came down pretty hard on Friday, this didn't effect things too much, as most of the sections were based in two rocky quarries, with a third grassy area used for the middle portion of the event.

The two-day trial featured 13 sections for the Champ class, with 12 for the rest. All classes rode the sections three times both days.

The Champ class looked to be stacked with talent, as we had Tino Marin (the Spanish rider who now lives in Calgary), plus Australian visitor Sam King, and Kelowna rider Brandon Wince, plus Vancouver's Alex Walton.

For the first time in Western Canada, the Trial was based at a resort, at Glacier House Lodge in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of BC. This proved to be a very popular choice among the riders, who could take advantage of the hotel facilities including the hot tub and restaurant, all in a scenic location just outside Revelstoke.

The local Revy Riders Club were full of enthusiasm, which helped to help make this first event a success. The club supplied lots of man- (and lady-) power for checking, and for general work on the course.

The idea was to create a trials event similar to a world round, so that spectators could see what the sport was all about. This was made possible because all the sections were accessible by road in a car or truck. As it turned out, a tremendous crowd showed up on both days, with vehicles lining the roads near all of the quarries. The Revy Riders had arranged for a food truck to be out on both days, so that both riders and spectators didn't go hungry.

With literally dozens of people taking pictures and videos, the social media has been swamped with stuff from the Trial, plus the local press were out to interview riders.

Until a few weeks ago, nobody had heard of Tino Marin, but they certainly do now, as the guy is really, really good -- and also a very nice person. He lives in Calgary, and came to Canada to pursue a career that would enable him to get his helicopter pilot's licence. His background includes training with Toni Bou at a young age, so it's not surprising that he has talent.

The other International rider in the field was Sam King of Australia, who is visiting on holiday, Sam is only 19 years old, but again has lots of talent. He has been staying in BC and will ride the Super Stars Trial at Ioco in July. Local rider Brandon Wince and Vancouver rider Alex Walton completed the Champ class. They all put on a fine display, opening the eyes of the spectators who had never seen this type of riding skill before.

As with all of our Trials, the other classes were pretty full, and although we had a few DNF's there were no complaints, with everybody involved saying we have to do this again next year. Be sure to check out the full gallery of pics which will be up on the gallery within the next few days.

We would like to thank: The Revy Riders Club, plus Florian Schott, Chris Hrabb and Chris Pawlitsky, Matt Reading, Julie Lucas and Judy Rathbone for helping out with the organization, and results. Also, Daniel and his staff for making our stay at Glacier House a memorable experience. Yes we will all come back.



1 Harold Pospisil     Edmonton, AB         Beta Evo 290    35
2 Leigh Stocks        Revelstoke, BC       Sherco 290      36
3 Martin Lucas        Celista, BC          Beta Evo 290    39
4 Jason Munns         OK Falls, BC         GG 300          57
5 Robert Trottier     Olds, AB             GG 300          92
(Plus 4 DNF's)


1 Dean Seaman         Sorrento, BC         Beta Evo 300    85
2 Taff Parfitt        Sherwood Park, AB    Beta Evo 250    94
3 Wyatt Pospisil      Edmonton, AB         Beta Rev 3 270 100
4 Mitch Langell       Red Deer, AB         GG 300         101
5 Marcus Buhrig       Blind Bay, BC        Sherco 290     105
6 Terry Dufloth                                           136
7 Matt Reading        Vernon, BC           Beta Evo 300   163

Senior Intermediate

1 Brett Clark         Coquitlam, BC        Beta Evo 250    65
2 Bruce Baker         Revelstoke, BC       Beta Evo 300    85
3 Bernard Vailancourt Vancouver, BC        Mont 4RT        99
4 Mark ONeill         Medicine Hat, AB     Beta Evo 300   123
5 Lee Usher           Nelson, BC           Beta Evo 290   129
6 Aaron Brassard      Calgary, AB          Sherco 290     146
7 Chris Hrabb         Revelstoke, BC       Beta Evo 300   167


1 Chris Tronnes       Bentley, AB          GG 300          55
2 Graeme Herman       Scotch Creek, BC                    124
3 Jay Colley          Ymir, BC                            164

Seniornr Advanced

1 Don Doerksen        Mission, BC          Scorpa          59
  Ross Rathbone Rode only the first day


1 Stan Backgaard      Yale, BC             Sherco 290      86
2 Steve Day           Vancouver, BC        GG 300         105
3 Tanner Nordin       Coquitlam, BC        Beta 300       128
4 Ben Pospisil        Edmonton, AB                        177
5 Steve Doel          Calgary, AB          Sherco rode only 2nd day


1 Faustino Marin      Calgary, AB          Sherco 250      50
2 Brandon Wince       Kellowna, BC         Beta Evo 300    67
3 Sam King            Melbourne, Australia Beta 300        84
4 Alex Walton         Coquitlam, BC        Beta 300       123